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Commissioned reportage (2023)

The Oktoberfest which takes place in Genoa is the only event officially recognized by the Bavarian authorities outside the borders of Germany, organized by the Brewery Hofbräuhaus of Genoa.
The images inside this reportage, that was commissioned to me, carried out during the thirteenth edition of the event, aim to tell both the activities and the typical elements and clichés present in the 18 days of the festival. To complete the reportage, it was essential to be present at all the most important moments, even before the beginning of the event, during the installation phase of the tent together with the workers. The inauguration, according to the tradition, took place on the first day with the ritual of opening the first keg of beer, in the presence of the city and Bavarian authorities: the so-called "o'zapft is". In addition to the numerous "prosit" between beer steins, the beer-yoga and the original bands of the Munich Oktoberfest also caught my attention: all this was immortalized through my lens (and flash).

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