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Maledetta Nostalgia
Self assignment (2021-ONGOING)


This photographic series is a journey through my personal vision of the nostalgia emotion, to which I attribute a meaning that is anything but negative, to which it is often associated.


To describe it in words, it is said that nostalgia is that warmth we feel in our chest when we reminisce about a place or a person dear to us. However, conveying this feeling through images is much more complex, especially when human subjects (completely absent in this project) can’t act as actors in the photographs. 

You can only rely on the light that pervades the environments, on the ethereal and dreamlike atmosphere present in these places. It is something intrinsic that waits only to be captured. No artifice has been created; the only action taken was to immortalize reality as it was: moments suspended in constant balance.

Within this project, there is a strong link to a collective vision of this feeling. There is not always a direct connection to my own memories or experiences. The choice to continue this project beyond the borders of my homeland, particularly in America, allowed me to embark on a search through the memories of people who have lived in those places, using the typical aesthetics of those locations that we, in some way, have also experienced by watching movies and empathizing with TV series characters.

"I immerse myself in a past I have never lived, relive moments that do not belong to me, imagine and construct artificial memories of situations that never happened, through the places I visit, the objects I find, and the people I meet.”

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