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Self assignment (2021-ONGOING)

"TOURIST TSUNAMI" is a collection of photos collected with the aim of documenting the phenomenon of massive tourism.
The subjects and situations captured represent the typical elements that can be found visiting these places: endless queues, souvenirs and crowded beaches.
The people we will meet in this series stand out for their extravagant outfits, with sunglasses, hats and designer clothes. Selfie sticks and bizarre poses in front of centuries-old monuments are inevitable.
The figure of the average tourist has changed: the smartphone, an inevitable element in almost every photograph, becomes an extension of the body and replaces both the camera and paper objects, such as maps, tickets and brochures, symbols of the previous generation of tourists.

With this project I want to describe the mutation of these destinations due to tourism and at the same time entertain the viewer by showing funny situations, typical characters, details and clichés.
The use of the flash was a stylistic choice that allowed me to freeze dynamic moments, making them very static, immobilizing the subjects portrayed: this technique turns them into mannequins or somewhat similar to dolls.

This project has generated a first book "TOURIST TSUNAMI VOL I." that collects all the photographs taken in Italy.

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