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Self assignment (2022-2023)

In botany, a "talea" is a part of a plant (usually a branch) specially cut and placed in the soil or water, which gives life to a new specimen. This is the name I wanted to give to my first intimate photographic project.
It was a real challenge for me to open up and express my feelings with images about this topic. 

In autumn 2022, I left my house in the countryside, built by my grandparents in the 70s, where I spent most of the summers during my childhood and adolescence.

I was sure that I would have never been able to find a similar place again, where I could feel at ease.

This year, however, my girlfriend welcomed me into her small but comfortable home in the countryside of Rezzoaglio, a town in the Ligurian backcountry. Spending time here was like going back in time. The photographic series, born from the union of the photographs collected this year, together with the images taken the previous summers inside my old house, before the selling, has generated an imaginary place where two realities coexist: both the rooms, objects and experiences linked to my past, and the places visited this year.
Like a flashback, an image from the past follows one from the present.

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