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Mondo Mondano
Self assignment (2022-2023)


Strobe lights, sunglasses, drinks and glitter. But also tattoos, kisses, screams, bandanas and hats of all kinds. These are the elements that we find at parties and festivals where young people spend their summer nights and have fun. The images in this series contain the most eccentric subjects: both the most typical characters and the atypical ones. The investigation of these places and festivals began in spring 2022, and continues today. The decision to document the entire project using films allows these contemporary parties to be timeless: in fact, the color palette obtained with analogue supports makes it difficult to place the images in a specific historical period.

This analog journey was supported by RST Events, a leading company in the organization of events.
The vision and the common purpose of sharing the images created during their events were fundamental to start a collaboration, a cooperation spawned two fanzines.

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